chaz jones

Chaz Jones is a transportation analyst within the Informa Economics IEG research group, responsible for research and analysis for the barge, rail, truck and ocean modes, and highway, bridge network and navigation developments across multiple commodities. In this capacity, he works with major U.S. providers of transportation ser¬vices and shippers, especially in the areas of volume prediction and rate strategy issues.

Prior to joining Informa Economics IEG, Jones was a sell-side equity research analyst covering transportation at several investment banks for 15 years. He has developed deep knowledge across the trans¬portation industry, having covered and researched publicly traded companies in the truckload, less-than-truckload, intermodal, freight brokers, freight integrators, transportation equipment and maritime shipping industries.

Jones has been recognized six times as a top earnings estimator on Wall Street in the Road & Rail category. He received both his bache¬lor’s degree in finance and master’s degree in international business from Oklahoma State University.