Dear Inland Marine Community,

The river industry is rooted in tradition and propelled by innovation.  It is also constantly challenged by inadequate funding, changing regulatory requirements, the needs of shippers and increased competition. In order to thrive and to further its advantages as the most cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly mode of transportation it is constantly improving and becoming stronger with each day. And the Inland Marine Expo (IMX) can help. IMX is a gathering place for the brown-water family to share ideas, find the latest and best deals on products and services, and to leave ready to drive this industry forward.

Since the inaugural show, attendance has grown by 85 percent, adding more and more voices and expertise to the mix. From deckhands to CEOs, IMX is designed to benefit all. Every firm with a towboat, tug, ferry, fleet, terminal or shipyard along our inland and intracoastal waterways will gain from attending. Your participation will be noticed, and your team will benefit from:

Saving Money – we put vendors that are specific to your needs in front of you. You will have buying power at IMX as you compare offers and find the best product or service for your operation at the best price.

Saving Time – instead of having prospective vendors visit your office or wading through aisles and aisles of vendors that do not serve your needs, you can see the industry’s top vendors in two short days at IMX.

Staying Competitive – you will keep the competitive advantage (over other modes of transportation and over direct competitors) as your team learns about the most innovative equipment to hit the market.

Networking with Peers – there will be opportunities for buyers to learn from one another, not just vendors. Your team will find out how others operate and how you compare.

Staying Compliant – you are more concerned with safety than compliance, but you will be able to learn about both from educators and several safety-oriented vendors at IMX.

And beyond the direct benefit to you and your company, we believe this event can make a statement and shine a national spotlight on the important work being done along U.S. inland and intracoastal waterways. The inland river system supports over 500,000 jobs, keeps our shippers competitive on the global market, and provides a safe and environmentally friendly option for transporting bulk goods. We need your help – after all, there’s strength in numbers. Please consider sending your team to the Inland Marine Expo.

See you and your team May 20-22 in St. Louis for IMX2019.


H. Nelson Spencer
Chairman, The Waterways Journal Inc.

Nelson Spencer, Jr.
Publisher, The Waterways Journal Inc.