National Maritime Day Recognition and Challenges to the Future of River Transportation

Tuesday, May 22; 11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


Rev. David M. Rider, Seamen’s Church (left) and
Peter Stephaich, Chairman and CEO, Campbell Transportation Company Inc.

Gather to honor all mariners on United States National Maritime Day.  Listen as stories unfold, learning more about the unique lifestyle of this noble profession and the sacrifices that mariners are often called to make.  Along with its many contributions, learn how the waterways industry itself provides an invaluable service to shippers, consumers and the U.S. Challenges that have prevented the barge industry from reaching its potential will be discussed as well as possible solutions.


Complimentary Food and Beverage in the Exhibit Hall:

Monday, May 21; 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Lunches located on the Exhibit Floor: designed by Cooks in the industry. Complimentary with your IMX registration.
Tuesday, May 22; 12:30-1:15p.m.
Wednesday, May 23; 12:30-1:15p.m.


Tuesday Night Party hosted by Living Lands and Waters   

Tuesday, May 22; 6:00- 8:00 p.m.

Location: 612 North 

Live music from Aaron Kamm and The One Drops

Hors d’oeuvres served and complimentary beer and wine


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Achievement Award

For its 5th year, the Inland Marine Expo (IMX) and The Waterways Journal will be accepting nominations for the IMX Achievement Award.

The goal of the award is to recognize individuals who have spent their career making significant contributions to the maritime industry by helping it to be the most cost-efficient, safe and environmentally friendly mode of transportation for many cargoes.

The winner, along with the person who nominated him or her, will receive free registration to the 2018 Inland Marine Expo, where they will also be invited to a special recognition ceremony Nominations are due by March 31. Visit www.inlandmarineexpo.com for more info or to submit your nomination.


40 Under 40 Award 

For the first time this year, the Inland Marine Expo (IMX) will be accepting nominations for 40 men and women under the age of 40 who have made outstanding contributions to the inland marine transportation industry in a variety of fields.

Those who are selected as an IMX 2018 40 Under 40 professional, along with the person who nominated him or her, will receive free registration to the 2018 Inland Marine Expo, where they will also be invited to a special recognition ceremony on. Nominations are due by March 19. Visit www.inlandmarineexpo.com for more info or to submit your nomination.



RiverWorks Discovery’s 2nd Annual Line Throwing Competition

Test your skills in line throwing, with accuracy as well as distance with RiverWorks Discovery’s 2nd Annual Line Throwing Competition at IMX 2018!  See how accurate your line throwing skills are at 10’,  15’, and 20’!  Prizes given for first, second, and third place will be provided by IMX.  First place is an Orion 35 cooler that retails for $419.  To see the cooler, visit  https://orioncoolers.com/products/orion-35.html.  Second and third prize winners will get a 2-3/4” Lockback Knife from Cutco with the IMX logo.  All winners will be offered comp registration for IMX 2019.

Practice on your own anytime during tradeshow floor hours or with the pros on Tuesday 10 to 11 am and 2 to 3 pm and Wed. 10 to 11am.  Final competition will start Wednesday at 1:30 pm.

As a new addition to this year’s competition, RWD would like to welcome the Maritime Throwdown Crew at the 2018 IMX, as we put on a demo line handling obstacle course, giving a small taste of what’s to come at the 2018 MTD, being held in Baton Rouge, LA, where they will Give A Way  $1000’s of dollars in prizes to the hard working folks of this industry!

The Maritime Throwdown :
Gives back to our hard working mariners, while showcasing the skills and best safe working practices it takes to be the best of the best.

  • Provides a platform for the maritime industry to use as a career day to recruit the next generation of mariners.
  • Provides an opportunity for sponsors to showcase their brands to the core of the industry threw out the year.

Ask Us How It’s Done!

Contact: Capt. Kenny Brown, Founder/ Visionary, The Maritime Throwdown
Cell: 601-551-0321 / maritimethrowdown@gmail.com https://m.facebook.com/maritimethrowdown/


Inland Marine Expo 5th Anniversary Birthday Bash 

Wednesday, May 23; 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Located at Morgan Street Brewery…Where a Good Time is Always Brewing

This will be a special evening for both Inland Marine Expo and The Waterways Journal.  Join us for a special gathering to celebrate our 5th anniversary at a historic venue (in more ways than one) with great food, free drinks and entertainment by the one and only Patrick Smith Band!

You will be standing in the building where some of the very first pages of The Waterways Journal were written in the late 1800s.  At the time the building was owned by Schoellhorn-Albrecht Machine Co., where steamboat engines and capstans were built.  As the story goes, The Waterways Journal bartered advertising space for rent.  We are thrilled to celebrate our history with one of our oldest advertisers and former landlord at this can’t miss event.

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Institute for Trade and Transportation Studies (ITTS) Southeast Conference

This year’s ITTS Freight in the Southeast Conference will be a part of FreightWeek STL, with the Missouri Department of Transportation serving as the host state.

Regionally, the Southeast has benefited from the foreign direct investment, perceptions of business-friendly environments, and access to relatively less congested transportation networks.  The region is also very dependent upon exports to provide markets and jobs for its industries.  The region is served by all the Class I railroads, the largest navigation system in the nation (the Ohio, Mississippi and Tenn-Tom river systems and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway), some of the nation’s largest freight airports, and a highway system that links our markets to each other and the world. Freight Transportation is important to promoting economic development and ensuring economic opportunities for the region’s future growth and this conference seeks to capture some of the major trends shaping the region’s freight transportation systems.


FreightWeek STL

New to IMX this year is FreightWeek STL, a four-day conference of freight industry leaders and influencers. During FreightWeek STL, attendees will share ideas and collaboratively promote the forward movement of America’s freight industry. IMX is proud to partner with St. Louis Regional Freightway and the Institute for Trade and Transportation on this effort.



Riverboat Tour of St. Louis Region’s Freight Assets and Opportunities

Thursday, May 24; 7:30-10:00 a.m.

A riverboat tour on the Mississippi River will highlight key freight assets and opportunities that position the St. Louis region as a global freight and logistics hub. This curated tour will provide an up-close look at critical elements of the region’s multimodal freight network, including roads and bridges; rail and barge facilities; multimodal freight transfer services; and the ports and infrastructure that have made this section of the Mississippi River the Ag Coast of America. A breakfast buffet onboard the riverboat is included in the tour.  Cost: $35/person (tour is limited to 125 attendees; separate registration is required); Location: Downtown St. Louis Riverfront.


2018 Annual Freight Summit Luncheon – St. Louis Regional Freightway

Thursday, May 24; 11:30-1:30 p.m. 

Join business leaders, real estate and freight industry experts, and elected officials from throughout the bi-state area at The Freightway’s 2018 Freight Summit and learn the latest news and developments about the region’s freight and logistics initiatives. Attendees will receive updates on major infrastructure projects impacting the region’s multimodal freight network, new information and opportunities on inland waterway freight movement, and key objectives on the table for 2018.  Cost: $65/person (separate registration required); Location: Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel, Landmark Ballroom, 800 Washington Ave.


Muddy Waters Spring Golf Outing 

Thursday, 5/24; 10:00 a.m.

Hosted by CGB Marine & North American Marine Consultants, this event includes golf, carts, breakfast, lunch and prizes at Annbriar Golf Course (separate registration required). Click here for more info.

FORMAT : Scramble / Best Ball
DATE / TIME: Thursday , May 24, 2018
10:00 AM shotgun start
COST: $640 / Foursome
INCLUDED: Golf, Golf Carts, Lunch, Dinner and Prizes