Steven Douglass

Steven Douglass is a Subchapter M subject matter expert with the Coast Guard Towing Vessel National Center of Expertise, Paducah, Ky. Some of his accomplishments include the inspected towing vessel job task analysis, where the duties of the Coast Guard marine inspector were decided and categorized by importance. Upon completion of the job task analysis, Douglass and his team developed the performance quality standard for use by experienced Coast Guard marine inspectors to measure competence and knowledge of new inspectors hence qualifying them to conduct Subchapter M towing vessel inspections.

He is also highly involved in curriculum development and instruction at Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown, Va. In addition to developing curriculum and instructing, Douglass guides applicants through the Part 139 approval process to become approved Third Party Organizations, thus employable by towing companies to achieve and maintain Sub M regulatory compliance. He is a dual licensed Massachusetts Maritime Academy graduate, holding both Master and Chief Engineer, each in active status.