Kasey Eckstein, President, Eckstein Trade & Transport and Eckstein Fleeting Services

Kasey Eckstein is the president of Eckstein Trade & Transport (ET&T) and Eckstein Fleeting Services. ET&T is a marine brokerage and recruitment firm, and Eckstein Fleeting Services operates barge fleeting locations in the Greater Corpus Christi, Texas, area. She is also the founder and executive director of WIMOs Association, which is a nonprofit organization for Women in Maritime Operations. Eckstein currently sits on the advisory board for Breakbulk Americas and Businesswomen in Petroleum. She received the 2018 IMX 40 Under 40 award and Marine Log Magazine’s 2021 Top Women in Maritime and was the youngest director to ever sit on the board of the Mississippi Valley Trade & Transport Council.